You know your organization could be accomplishing more with less effort, but you don’t know exactly how to get there.

Whether you want to raise money more strategically, or motivate and focus your board or staff, Susan Howlett can help.  And she’ll make it fun and easy.

Susan Howlett has been helping organizations thrive since 1975.  Her consulting has helped thousands of groups clarify their missions and goals, create plans, and raise money from every type of source – joyfully!  She offers simple, low-cost solutions that are easy to implement with the resources you have on hand.  And she always brings chocolate.

Susan’s practical solutions to recurring problems faced by boards and staff have earned acclaim among grassroots organizations, major institutions, grantors and businesses alike. The most common refrain heard after one of her consulting sessions, retreats or classes is, “Now that makes sense.  We can do that!”