You want to focus your fundraising strategies to optimize the resources you’ve got. Or you want your amazing board members to bring all they’ve got to your organization.  Or you want to shift the culture of your organization to encourage more philanthropy. Susan’s consulting results in simple solutions that make sense to everyone.  Grounded in fundamentals and research about the sector, her fresh, practical suggestions feel appropriate and achievable. Susan prefers to work with organizations that affect whole systems...
over the course of several months, to ensure that attitudes and behaviors actually change and those changes stick. Recently, she’s worked with all the low-income housing nonprofits in a state, all the land trusts in a region, and all the organizations offering women’s health in a county. Her best work involves fundraising planning, board engagement, and donor stewardship and retention.


You’re looking for a strategic plan that makes things happen.  Or you’re hoping to move your organization to the next level of maturity and effectiveness.  Or you’re eager to get your board more engaged in governance or fundraising. Susan’s facilitation gets optimal results with...
minimal effort.  She builds a sense of ownership by engaging people in the planning, uses time shrewdly, and creates opportunities for interaction, deep conversation, laughter and connection.  People leave her retreats energized and ready to act, feeling like their time was well-spent and their contributions were valued. Susan prefers to work with organizations who are not in crisis, and who have board members or staff people with untapped potential.


You need a speaker or trainer who will shift people’s minds and hearts, without them feeling manipulated.  You want people to be moved to laughter or tears or changed behavior. Susan’s presentations are built on the latest brain research about how...
adults absorb new information, and she weaves humor, stories, and interactive exercises into every session.  Audience members love how applicable her remarks are to their own experience, and how easy it is to act on her suggestions as soon as they get back to work. Susan prefers to speak to whole systems at a time, so that many people from a community or a field hear the messages at the same time, and hold one another accountable afterward. Recent examples include all the nonprofits in a particular community, all the organizations working on salmon in a state, and all the development directors in the U.S. in a particular field. Her favorite topics are about strategic fundraising, donor retention, and getting your board members more involved in authentic leadership and fundraising.